Thursday, November 5, 2009

So little today

So little today...

I'm grown...but it doesn't feel that way

It's raining...clouds are out and the sky is grey

lights are off and my mind is traveling

all the lies are slowly unraveling

worlds colliding....a moment of insanity

all because of Ego, insecurity and vanity

So little and broken down

look like a fool....a performing circus clown

How did I fall this far?

was sure I was OK...a shooting star

Now it's all there..right in front of me

Love hurts.....sometimes....that's how it's supposed to be

A painful reminder that I can feel at all

I suppose the lesson..was worth the fall

pick myself time to regret's all a lesson......a challenge to be met.....

Step out into the rain..wash all the dark away

The sun is a fresh new day

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