Thursday, November 5, 2009

Devil's smile wrapped on my wrist

Devils smile wrapped on my wrist

Life's irony the perfect twist

Laugh or cry?

Both come need to try

A lesson of compassion long in need

a broken heart...a runaway weed

Anger masking sadness

An artist gift..a look into madness

Love so deep and connected

Never to be together....too much expected

Only by duty...a higher call

Time to move into me ...recovering from the inevtable fall...

Wings still work....Like riding a bike

sometimes...what we need..isn't what we like...

Guess irony is a jagged pill...

Red or Blue..they both make you ill..

Time to fly into the center of it all...

With chaos comes order.....A lesson learned from the crash..the inevitable fall

The cycle runs in my blood...deep in the veins of my family tree

A battle of the story...the addict in me

a need to speak of the beast i met on my travels

the mystery of my existence slowly unravels

Stories of darkness and sin forgiven in the full moon light

no longer willing to control what I can not fight..

A night of spite...a black widows vanity

The outcome can only be a Van Gough insanity

acceptance of the choice....

In the asylum comes the motherly voice

Speaking softly bringing a much needed rest

Confirming what i always's all just a big test

Life moves on....a choice to make it new

The slate is clean....grow up little one....keep your chin up...It's OK 2 b u

No need to dig deeper into the pain of an improper touch

pain only comes down on everyone when u use it as a crutch

The doors are open you can leave the asylum halls

you 'll be fine...just remember everyone....... falls

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