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Antiwar Radio with Scott Horton on KPFK

Antiwar Radio with Scott Horton on KPFK

Scott Horton is a 10+ year veteran of Austin's leftist and punk rock pirate radio scene and assistant editor at In that time, Scott has conducted over 1,000 interviews, with some of the best, most insightful, most authoritative jounalists, columnists, authors and experts discussing the vital matters of war and peace, torture, surveillance, and all matters related. Like Chalmers Johnson, Scott believes that a nation cannot have an empire abroad without repression at home. The purpose of the weekly program would be to illuminate this critical connection.

With his show, Scott will bring his informed, compelling and irreverent style to KPFK. In his devotion to peace, civil liberties, human dignity and respect, Scott embraces and advances the Pacifica mission. KPFK audiences will appreciate the practiced, professional, yet accessible approach that Scott brings to his broadcast journalism.

Here's what the Austin Chronicle (Austin's liberal weekly--their version of the LA Weekly) said when he won a 2007 Best of Austin Award.

"Best Iraq War Insight and Play-by-Play: ‘Antiwar Radio,’ 95.9/92.7FM--A locally based program broadcasting in Austin, streaming and podcasting worldwide online, Antiwar Radio offers high-caliber commentary and guest interviews on the ongoing Mideast misadventure. Host Scott Horton, armed to the teeth with little-reported news and info, jettisons the pleasantries and PC radio lingo and tells listeners how it really is. As an added bonus, Horton often verbally lays waste to those seeking to prolong the billion-dollar bloodbath. Antiwar Radio can be heard on local frequency KAOS 95.9 and 92.7 – twice recognized on these very pages for fine iconoclastic broadcasting: Arrrrrrr."

Here are some comments about Scott Horton's work from guests on his radio program:

“I have participated in a great many radio interviews here and abroad. They vary widely in quality. Scott Horton’s program, Antiwar Radio, was one of the most serious that I can recall: very good questions and discussion on well-chosen issues. I was very pleased to have had the opportunity to appear.” --Noam Chomsky, Professor, MIT, author of Necessary Illusions: Thought Control in Democratic Societies

"Antiwar Radio is one of the last remaining outlets for truly independent thinking, without a facile left-right agenda. Scott Horton's show is not just informative and challenging to whatever views you might foolishly hold, but it's entertaining--hell, it's like a bottle of fresh cold water in the middle of the Death Valley that is today's media. That's why it's the only program I regularly download. You know Antiwar Radio is truly independent by the way it collects enemies and detractors like trophies, from both sides of the aisle. It's too bad more people didn't listen--we wouldn't have been in the mess we're in today, broke, declining, and geopolitically spent. Until America comes back to its senses, we need Antiwar Radio the way Soviet dissidents needed their samizdats." --Mark Ames, eXiled Online, author of Going Postal

“Antiwar radio has been one of the few media in which power considerations and domestic U.S. politics have not had their pull on the programming and the commentator. I have always jumped at the chance to be interviewed by Scott Horton. He has established a very high standard for truly original points of view on American foreign policy and critical analysis of the failures of the American establishment -- in particular its disastrous decisions to turn away from international law on treatment of prisoners, defending human rights in the face of political opposition, and openness to the greatest degree possible in discussing intelligence collecting activities. I would strongly welcome having his voice appear on KPFK.” --Chalmers Johnson, author of the Blowback Trilogy

“Over the past several years, I've been interviewed by countless radio hosts -- well over 100, from the largest to the smallest stations -- and Antiwar's Scott Horton is, in every respect, among the very best. He is invariably well-prepared and articulate in the extreme, and his interviews, as a result, are always thought-provoking and informative. I have found all of my appearances on Antiwar Radio to be enjoyably challenging, and I listen to Horton's other interviews whenever I am able.” –Glenn Greenwald,

“In my area, which is the Middle East, I have found Scott Horton of Antiwar Radio to be a very well informed host who does his homework, knows his stuff and is not afraid to both ask piercing and challenging questions of his guests and to raise issues that shake up conventional thinking. As such, Scott in his style does a great public service and I would hope that he could reach a wider audience.” --Daniel Levy, Senior Fellow and Director of the Middle East Task Force at the New America Foundation, former adviser in the Israeli Prime Minister's Office and the lead Israeli drafter of the Geneva Initiative.

“Scott conducts lively and intelligent interviews. He is well-informed on the subjects and his questions provoke the imagination.” –Saul Landau, filmmaker, author of Bush & Botox World: Travels Through Bush’s America

“I thought Scott Horton's interviews of me were highly intelligent and well informed. This has made several long interviews enjoyable because he does not ask the usual cast of questions which I have answered time out of mind. He is particularly good at responding to what I am saying rather than reverting to a sterile and predictable list of questions.” –Patrick Cockburn, London Independent

“In these dark years, Antiwar Radio has been a vital antidote to the torrent of misinformation from state-influenced media. It has been a pleasure to be interviewed by Scott, since he is invariably well informed, while never losing touch with his passion and commitment -- essential ingredients for a first class journalist.” –Andrew Cockburn, author of Rumsfeld: His Rise, Fall and Catastrophic Legacy

“Antiwar Radio is cutting edge and unique. As a frequent guest on the show, I am constantly impressed with the quality of the questions and the open mindedness of the host. Despite our political disagreements, the show aims to inform the audience and let them come to their own conclusions without taking sides. It is smart, and at times even biting, but it is an honest and respectful forum where intelligent discussions take place.” –Larisa Alexandrovna, Managing Investigative News Editor,

“Scott Horton is the best informed interviewer on U.S. Middle East policy I've encountered since I've been doing interviews on radio and television. He always cuts to the heart of the issue or issues and keeps the focus there long after others would tire. He has a unique voice which deserves a much wider audience.” –Dr. Gareth Porter, Inter Press Service

“It is a pleasure doing an interview with Scott Horton for His talk show has a solid track record. He is always right on the cutting edge of the news, with a stellar selection of guests and always very well informed questioning. My colleague [Harper’s Washington Editor] Ken Silverstein also loves it and has told me so repeatedly.” –The Other Scott Horton, International Human Rights Attorney, Harper’ magazine, Professor, Columbia and Hofstra Law Schools

“Antiwar Radio is a unique and indispensable resource. Where else can you hear such a rich mix of views and insights? From Noam Chomsky to Ron Paul, from John Cusack to Seymour Hersh, from Daniel Ellsberg to Naomi Wolf -- and that's just the tip of the iceberg. Scott Horton is a remarkable interviewer, giving his guests scope to develop their thoughts and provide context and nuance far beyond the soundbite culture of most other media outlets, even as he keeps the program on track with his own pertinent questions and observations. It's certainly one of the best radio experiences that I've ever known, either as a participant or a listener.” –Chris Floyd, author of Empire Burlesque: High Crimes and Low Comedy in the Bush Imperium

"Antiwar Radio is one of the most consistent voices against Empire on the web. The list of guests is not only impressive, it's unmatched in its intellectual diversity. Scott's show cuts across all political ideologies, expanding the envelope of discourse at every turn. A true asset in our quest for justice, Antiwar Radio would bring a new, critical, articulate voice to KPFK." --Joshua Frank, CounterPunch

“My experience with Scott Horton was extremely favorable. He asked very intelligent questions, let me answer them without ****interrupting****, and showed himself in every way to be an excellent interviewer. I think this is to be unusual for an interviewer – I have given many – and anyone who hires him will be as pleased as I was." -Gabriel Kolko, historian, author of The Age of War: The United States Confronts the World

“As the U.S. and its allies wage multiple wars, antiwar activists must study and try to comprehend information about the people who endure the consequences of these wars, while also relying on analysts to help us understand what motivates the war makers. What's more, it's important to consider strategies for abandoning war. Antiwar radio provides needed education during a time when the military-industrial-congressional-media complex maintains a vice-like grip on education about U.S. foreign policy. Scott Horton refuses to accept the notion that foreign policy should be based on threat and force. His preparation for interviews involves a long history of engaging in news analysis and conversation about current events. I feel quite appreciative of his commitment to outreach and education within the community of antiwar activists and greatly hope that his voice will be amplified well beyond this community. Please accept this note as an enthusiastic commendation to you of Scott Horton, talk show host” -- Kathy Kelly, Coordinator, Voices for Creative Nonviolence

“Antiwar Radio, a service of the nation's most complete geopolitical news and leading antiwar internet site, makes a substantial daily contribution to an enlightened public debate. This is all to the credit of Scott Horton, an extraordinarily well-informed and engaging talk show host. Scott unerringly locates high-profile guests, men and women of insight and accomplishment, that challenge, reveal, and inform. His subjects are important; his style is lively. Scott has been a frequent guest - and even filled-in for me in in my absence - on my popular talk show in Phoenix. I couldn't ask for better!” -Charles Goyette, former Talk Show Host, Air America, Phoenix, AZ

"Scott Horton never shirks controversy. He finds voices that the mainstream doesn't even know it needs to hear. He's regularly ahead of the curve." --Tom Engelhardt,

“I had the pleasure of being interviewed on Scott Horton's show during the last blockade on Gaza. I extremely enjoyed the chat, and it is something I am sure I'd love to repeat. I am a fan of Antiwar Radio, because I am also an fan. Being a Middle Easterner, this show kind of reflects what we personally think as Arabs, and as Middle Easterners regarding the wars, especially Iraq's and Afghanistan's. Before the show I was a bit taken aback, but just after a few seconds, I was open and having a pleasant conversation rather than an official interview. I like Scott's method of leading conversations in an extremely casual-friendly, yet professional path.” –Rana El-menshawi, IslamOnline, Cairo, Egypt

“Scott Horton and Antiwar Radio have emerged as an essential franchise and extremely valuable, credible platform in the network of thinkers, writers, policy analysts, and activists that are working hard to achieve far greater transparency about US foreign policy and national security issues than existed before 9/11. Horton is more anti-war than I am, more libertarian than I am, probably more liberal than I am -- but I have always found him smart, engaging, fair and reasonable and highly worth every moment I have spent with him on his radio show.” --Steve Clemons, Director, American Strategy Program, New America Foundation and publisher, The Washington Note

"Antiwar Radio is, in my opinion, unique and a national treasure. There is no more important issue than war and peace but the national media accepts without question the status quo policies that have brought misfortune in Iraq and Afghanistan. Antiwar Radio takes no prisoners, challenges all assumptions, and examines critical issues through well informed and penetrating interviews that go far beyond the conventional bumper sticker thinking that fills the airwaves. Scott Horton is always completely prepared and challenges the interviewee to make his case, resulting in a thoroughly enjoyable and informative radio experience. It is the way talk radio should be." –Philip Giraldi, former CIA officer,

“Passionate, well-informed and committed to exposing the crimes of government, Scott Horton has always been a delightful interviewer, on the many occasions that we have discussed the ‘War on Terror’ on Antiwar Radio. I'm always happy when an email arrives asking if I'd like to talk.” –Andy Worthington, author of The Guantanamo Files

“I love being a guest on Scott Horton’s Antiwar Radio. Each interview demonstrates that he has done his homework, knows the background of the cases at issue, and asked insightful questions. The time always flies by and left me wishing we had more time to talk.” –Elaine Cassel, attorney, author of The War on Civil Liberties

The proposed program will be one hour weekly, each show featuring two or three guests on the vital issues of the day.

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